Аквариум 100 LED WHITE (101 x 41 x h 53см - 190 L)

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Maximum satisfaction, ease of management and low consumption! Here are the Led aquariums Dubai by Ferplast! Thanks to the cared and linear design, they will be perfect in any room in your home. Dubai Led are in fact available in different colours and sizes which can integrate easily in every space and with any kind of home furniture.
The model Dubai 100 Led, medium-sized, has a capacity of 190 litres, is available in two different colour finishing: white or black.
The tank has a glass thickness of 6 mm, is equipped with plastic frames. Stable and sturdy, the fish aquarium Dubai 100 has been conceived and produced in accordance with the international standard EN60598-2-11, compulsory for the CE declaration for all the aquariums placed on the market.
The aquarium is complete with all accessories: internal filter, Led lights and timer.
The internal filter Bluwave 05 by Ferplast is an advanced 3 step internal filtering system (mechanical, biological and adsorptive) ensuring crystal-clear water, complete with filtering materials, pump and heater, which is also fast to maintain thanks to the useful removable bulkheads.
The Led lights ensure high energy savings, excellent brighter colour rendering, efficiency and reliability. Compared with fluorescent lamp consumption, LED lights ensures in fact 50% energy savings with about 50.000 hours of light! Thanks to the timer, besides, you could program lighting intervals in complete comfort, according to your needs or the type of aquarium set-up you have chosen; the timer also features a switch for manual on/off operation.
Practical and easy to manage, the aquarium Dubai 100 Led presents an innovative patented sliding overtank lamp which can slide back and forth allowing easy access to the tank; if necessary, for a more thorough cleaning, it is possible to remove the overtank lamp, fixed to the upper frame. The special included key allows blocking it with no efforts. Use

  • Medium-sized glass aquarium for fresh and marine water
  • Clean and modern design
  • Glass thickness: 6 mm
  • Tank capacity: 190 L
  • Weight when full: about 220 kg
  • Integrated internal filter system Bluwave 05, complete with pump Blupower 500l/h, filtering materials and heater Bluclima 150 W
  • LED light ensuring high colour rendering and energy savings
  • Sliding overtank lamp
  • Timer for lighting system
  • Upper removable hatches allowing easy access to the tank
  • Suitable snap-off plugs to place the intake and return pipes of an external filter
  • Two removable hatches for an automatic feeder and a skimmer
  • Optional suggested: coordinated cabinet Stand Dubai 100

Создание комфорта питомцам – стратегия итальянской компании Ferplast. Секрет процветания прост: фирма смотрит на мир глазами животных. Стартовала 40 лет назад в Восточной Италии, как частное предприятие по выпуску птичьих клеток и домиков для грызунов. Сегодня на всех континентах в 80 странах работают представительства Ferplast. Продукцию для россиян выпускает три завода в Европе: Словении, Италии, Украине.

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