Загон RABBIT PEN деревянный (115 x 115 x h 61,5см) для кроликов

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This solid and sturdy pen allows you to welcome your nice rabbits in total safety in your garden or kitchen garden. Perfect for outdoor, Rabbit Pen has a wooden structure with wire net; easy to assemble, it is equipped with feet and suitable safety locks. The roof is fully opening to simplify daily maintenance operations. Besides, the pen is complete with feeder for hay, bowl and drinking bottle. Useful screening curtains in the external part, at last, allow creating a sheltered area for your small friend.
The rabbit pen as well is an eco-friendly product since made from TREE FRIEND wood, coming only from forests managed in a sustainable way.

  • Rabbit pen made from TREE FRIEND wood
  • Solid and sturdy, with leaning feet for perfect insulation
  • Comfortable and safe thanks to the suitable closing system
  • Complete with accessories, equipped with protective rollers giving more protection
  • Supplied in a save-space packaging

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